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Have you ever wondered what goes on behind the closed doors at a Broadway opening night after-party? When Terrence McNally’s satirical comedy It’s Only A Play came from Broadway to Bethel Street Hawaii was treated to a glimpse of what that just might be like. In fact, this production of the play is the first post-Broadway production of It’s Only A Play performed.

Originally penned by Terrence McNally, and premiered off Broadway in 1982, this current incarnation of the hit play has been modernized to the point where there are references to online chatrooms, and how everyone on the internet has an opinion, and even a selfie!

Directed by Logan Reed, and starring Hawaii’s own Joe Moore, and star of stage and screen Linda Purl, joined by Cathy Foy, Paul Mitri, Tom Holowach, Ryan Wuestewald, and Dezmond Gilla, the entire play takes place in the bedroom in the townhouse of the producer of the play which just opened that night. There are all of your Broadway archetypes making appearances in the play. The green Broadway hopeful who just arrived in the big city to make a name for himself, the veteran actor of stage and screen, the leading lady attempting a comeback after having fallen from grace, the pained artist director, the idealist playwrite, the wealthy producer, and the harsh critic who is always on the outside looking in.

But first let's take a selfie! The cast of It's Only A Play.

But first let’s take a selfie! The cast of It’s Only A Play.

We see seemingly superficial trivialities develop into deeper issues, and witness personal growth for the characters involved. Things are also kept lighthearted thanks to a heavy dose of comedy present throughout the play which satirizes the world of the theatre.

If you haven’t already gone to see it, you still have a few days left to check it out. It’s Only A Play runs to June 28, 2015 at the historic Hawaii Theatre. If you’ve already seen it, go see it again before it’s too late! Plus, you get to hear Joe Moore say words that you’ll never hear him say on his evening newscasts.

Purchase tickets at: http://www.hawaiitheatre.com/tickets/