Well, the new year is off to a start, and it’s already two weeks old!  Time sure flies when you’re getting old!  

Looking back on 2013, there were a lot of ups and downs.  New people coming in to my life, and others leaving.  Happy and sad.  Good and bad.  Yin and Yang.  I guess you can’t really have one without the other, huh?  Let’s hope that 2014 is filled with more pluses than minuses.

I feel like the year is already off to a decent start.  Got a free electric lawn mower from the neighbor down the street, made it out to a few events already, got to reconnect with a lot of friends and started to meet some new ones, ate at a couple new restaurants, and hey, I’ve even managed to lose a few pounds!  Now all I need is to go on a nice trip somewhere.  I’m thinking Japan?  Maybe Australia, New Zealand, Alaska, Europe?  Hell, anywhere is good as long as it’s a trip!

Here’s to a brand new 2014, full of promise!