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Well, the Hawaii International Film Festival came and went.  It was a glorious  week and a half away from work.  Over those fantastic eleven days I managed to squeeze in 40 screenings.  36 feature length films, and four short film collections totaling 34 different shorts.  This was by far the most films I’ve sat through at HIFF.  It’s going to be hard to top next year!

I always like to think of HIFF as a way to expand the way I think about and look at things.  It helps to show me other perspectives that I normally wouldn’t consider in daily life.  The collection of creative points of view, and foreign narratives helps to spark thought and contemplation, and chatting with fellow festival goers and film makers helps to really open up my mind.  It’s also like a way to travel, and see the world in ways that I just don’t currently have the time or money for.

Some of the highlights for me were:

The Wind Rises http://program.hiff.org/films/detail/wind_rises_the_2013

Ken and Mary: The Asian Truck Express http://program.hiff.org/films/detail/ken_and_mary_the_asian_truck_express_2013

Sake Bomb http://program.hiff.org/films/detail/sake_bomb_2013_2

Rurouni Kenshin http://program.hiff.org/films/detail/ruroni_kenshin_2013

Maruyama, The Middleschooler http://program.hiff.org/films/detail/maruyama_the_middle_schooler_2013

Tasting Menu http://program.hiff.org/films/detail/tasting_menu_2013

A Tale of Samurai Cooking http://program.hiff.org/films/detail/tale_of_samurai_cooking_2013

One Night Surprise http://program.hiff.org/films/detail/one_night_surprise_2013

A Leading Man http://program.hiff.org/films/detail/leading_man_a_2013

Mourning Recipe http://program.hiff.org/films/detail/mourning_recipe_2013

Yeh Jawaani Hai Dedwani http://program.hiff.org/films/detail/yeh_jawaani_hai_deewani_2013

Crying 100 Times http://program.hiff.org/films/detail/crying_100_times__every_raindrop_falls_2013

The Kiyosu Conference http://program.hiff.org/films/detail/kiyosu_conference_2013

Hentai Kamen http://program.hiff.org/films/detail/hentai_kamen_forbidden_superhero_2013

Oshin http://program.hiff.org/films/detail/oshin_2013

Dancing Karate Kid http://program.hiff.org/films/detail/dancing_karate_kid___battle_for_the_bri_2013

Scent of a Woman (short) http://program.hiff.org/films/detail/scent_of_a_woman_2013

Peace By Piece (short) http://program.hiff.org/films/detail/peace_by_piece_2013

No More Aloha (short) http://program.hiff.org/films/detail/no_more_aloha_2013

The First Hope (short) http://program.hiff.org/films/detail/the_first_hope_2013

Requiem for Romance (short) http://program.hiff.org/films/detail/requiem_for_romance_2013

I’m Going to Mum’s (short) http://program.hiff.org/films/detail/im_going_to_mums_2013

If you get the chance to see any of these, I highly recommend them.  Well, some are very specific to my geeky tastes, but it’s worth a shot.  You may end up loving some of them!

Can’t wait for the Spring Showcase!!