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They’ve been around for years and years, but they’ve experienced somewhat of a revival recently.  I’m talking about the animated .gif.   Most people pronounce it like “gift” minus the “t” sound, but the actual pronunciation is “jif” kinda like the peanut butter.  Check out this CNN.com article for validation. http://www.cnn.com/2013/05/22/tech/web/pronounce-gif/index.html

Why, you ask, am I bringing this up?  Well, since I have this slight disorder where I sometimes keep my finger down pressing the shoot button on my DSLR to get a whole series of photos that end up looking like pages out of a flip book, I decided to have some fun with them.  Here’s a few from some nights out with the Yeeps (Yelp peeps).

Looks like you have to click on each pic to see the animation.  Boo…



The awkward long hug.


The other side of the panorama.


Fun with sausage!


Moar fun with sausage!