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Well, it’s been almost three months again, and still no update.  Maybe I should make this a “quarterly” blog?  Nah, I’ll just keep trying.  

HIFF 33 is starting up this Thursday, October 10, and runs through Sunday, October 20.  I’ve got a total of 40 films during the festival, and two other HIFF films screening outside of the official festival period.  One of which was The Face Reader, a Korean period piece, that screened last night at the 1,400 seat Hawaii Theater.  I’m impressed with the restoration and renovation efforts put forth by the Hawaii Theater Center.  The new sound system is superb, and the new projector and screen are super sharp.  If you have a chance to see a film at the Hawaii Theater, I highly recommend doing so.  As it turns out, you’ll have plenty of opportunities to do so since they are planning to hold movie screenings every Monday night at the Hawaii Theater.  Yet another thing to do in Honolulu.  My other extra-festival movie will be screened the day after the festival, and will also be at the Hawaii Theater.  This one is Spinning Plates, a documentary telling the stories of three very different restaurants in America, and the constant challenges their owners face.  

One down, fourty-one to go.