So, for those of you out there who have been keeping up with my other social media outlets, like facebook, and yelp you’ll most likely have noticed my most recent obsession/addiction: An awesome little truck by the name of Via Gelato.


If you see this truck pull over and treat yourself to some awesome gelato!



The truck has been on the road for just over three weeks…  Almost a, and according to my yelp check-ins I’ve been to Via Gelato 11 times at the time I’m writing this blog entry.  According to my stamp card I’ve only been there twice…


My stamp card

Oh, wait a minute… I already filled and redeemed a stamp card!  I’m not addicted…  I can stop any time I want to!…

You won’t find too many of your standard flavors if gelato here.  Yes there are a couple staples, like chocolate and vanilla, but even these flavors have a twist.  The chocolate is a Fierce Chocolate which any chocoholic would love.  As for the vanilla there have been two different types. One is a Browned Butter Vanilla which is rich and buttery, and a Jasmine (pikake) Vanilla with a refreshing floral flavor that pairs excellently with fruitier flavors.  All of the gelati are made with locally sourced ingredients as much as possible.  Milk from the Big Island, eggs from Oahu, mangoes from Makaha, mint from Waimanalo, and even pikake from the owners own back yard!  Even the cones are hand made!  A quick tip for the cones; get them with chocolate inside.  It’ll help prevent the cone from getting too soggy, and it tastes great!

Not only is the gelato and sorbeto here absolutely delicious, but the young lady, Melissa, who is the mastermind behind Via Gelato, is a total sweetheart.  She’s always cheerful, more than happy to talk story with customers, and always open to suggestions for new interesting flavors. 

Finding the truck may prove to be a little challenging, but you can keep track of where it is by following Via Gelato on Twitter @VIAgelato, on instagram @viagelatohawaii, and on facebook at  See you at Via!